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PFM & iPayimpact


PFM is a simple to use but powerful back office, that imports money received through iPayimpact as well as other sources (eg non uniform days etc or other ongoing cash payments). This can be all the payments received or just specific ones such as trips, events, shops etc.

PFM provides a cost effective and easy way for your school to manage school trips, before and after school clubs, events, donations, uniform, fundraising and any other school funds.  It produces all the information the organizers needs and all the finance information your finance team requires.

PFM is used by schools and colleges throughout the UK - from nursery schools and small primaries, to large academies. More than 2000 schools are using the program, which was first introduced in 1999


How PFM works with iPayimpact       

Payments Between Dates.png
Download report from iPayimpact
Import into PFM

If required, information is automatically synchronised from, Integris and other pupiil record systems ensuring that information such as medical details, pupil premium status and parent contact details are always up to date.

PFM automatically important the report downloaded from iPayimpact

Credit Assessment
Other money received
Credit Card
Payments out

If required process other cash / cheques / DD manually

Payments out can be processed if required, or not.You can use cash, hand written cheques, pre printed cheques, bank transfer or BACS .


Financial Report
Bank reconciliation

Easy bank reconciliation with 'tick' system and search facility

Financial Reports

PFM provides a very wide range of reports. These include standard Financial reports such as the Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure, Audit Trail etc.;  Account Summaries;   Trip reports such as contact lists, medical lists, payment reports, debtors etc.; and Pupil reports such as payment cards, amounts owing, amounts paid etc.

File Folders
Year End

Full set of year end reports and procedures

Problems and queries

 Istek provides excellent, timely support, either by phone, email or remote access. Friendly, knowledgeable staff who have worked in schools are here to resolve issues quickly.

Updates and training

PFM his regularly updated and ongoing online training provided using Webex meeting room software. Onsite training also available. Please see Training section for details.

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