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Excel Advanced


Excel can be a great tool for school staff, but many of us just use the basics day to day as we don’t have the time to explore.

This training consisting of 5 x 1-hour sessions covers some of the more advanced features of Excel that can be very useful in schools, whilst completing a fully functioning application for each.  


Each session provides a 1-hour video presentation that you can pause and complete on your own system as we go. It comes with accompanying notes. At the end there is an assignment to complete – and you receive a Certificate in Advanced Excel.


This course is designed for school staff who have mastered the basics and would like to go further, but can also be useful for students proficient with basic Excel, to learn to create their own apps.


Course Topics


Session 1 – Habit Tracker Application – includes Layout & formatting, Working with multiple sheets, Named ranges, Conditional formatting – using icon & data sets, IF and COUNTIF functions, Hiding rows and columns, HSTACK, Dropdown selection boxes, ISBLANK, INDEX, Creating charts from habit data

Session 2 – Create your own Kanban chart (visual representation of tasks and projects as various stages) includes Layout and formatting, Borders and shading, Column width and row height, Text wrapping, Using PASTE SPECIAL options, Conditional formatting to highlight dates, Creating macros.

Session 3 – Creating a Random Number Generator with full options includes RANDBETWEEN and RANDARRAY functions, Using Absolute and relative references, INDEX, UNIQUE and SEQUENCE functions, Preventing duplications

Session 4 – Create your own Study Scheduler includes Layout and formatting, Formatting numbers, dates and times, Calculations involving dates and times, Marking complete and changing priority, Grouping by subject, Creating macros and adding to shapes and buttons. Editing macros in VBA.

Session 5 – Create your own ToDo application includes Layout and formatting, Data Validation for consistency of entry, Conditional formatting with icons and data sets, Working with data bars, Applying and using Filters and advanced sort, Completion options.

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