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Excel Masterclass 


Excel can be a great tool for staff in school, but many of us just use the basics day to day as we don’t have the time to explore.


To this end we have created an online training program consisting of 4 x 1 hour sessions covering different aspects of the more advanced features of Excel.   Each session provides a recording of our live online presentations with accompanying notes and copies of the Powerpoint slides. 


Each session gets a short assignment and on completion of the sessions and assignments, the delegate receives a Certificate in Advanced Excel.


Session 1 – Creating a lettings management spreadsheet including Table formatting, Freezing panes, Date formatting, Data validation, Formulae & functions, IF, Filters & Sorting.


Session 2  - Invoice template and database including Conditional formatting, Macros, Buttons, Customising Toolbars, Printing – selections / fit to page etc, Protection & Text orientation


Session 3 – Resources and other scheduling – how to set up a scheduling system by creating facilities and resources, locating free slots, producing and printing summary reports. It includes Indents, Borders, More conditional formatting, Absolute & relative cell reference, AND / OR functions, GANTT charts, Comments, Views – arranging / viewing / synchro scrolling


Session 4 – Budgeting / What-ifs and Projections – using Excel to create what-if scenarios & projections to predict outcomes with differing potential situations.   Includes BODMAS  - Brackets and operator order, Scenario Manager, Scenario Summaries and Pivot Tables, Goal Seek, Solver, Data Tables, Printing – print area and titles


The whole 4 session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can use the course for this price.   

Complete the following form to do the course on your own dates/times using downloadable notes, video recordings and sessions assignments.

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