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Wellbeing gifts for school staff
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Say ‘Thank You’ with wellbeing gifts for your school staff
Now more than ever, staff wellbeing needs to be a priority in schools.

Wellbeing leads to lower absence, lower stress, improved morale and healthier staff, who feel a sense of connection and belonging.  It is the key to making your school healthy, happy and motivated, by showing that you are a school that cares and supports. Staff feel valued, and a positive culture is developed and maintained.

The Sunshine Box in conjunction with Istek UK Ltd provides wellbeing gifts and care packages, and we have a range of small gifts that are perfect for schools. These include items such as mindfulness cards, calm balms, sleep sets, bath salts with meditation, grounding crystals, mindfulness journals, meditation candle sets, gratitude sets, positivity tokens  – all sorts of wellbeing items, that you can choose from. They come gift wrapped in colourful paper bags (you can choose the colour) with a positive quote on the seal that can be tailored as you wish.


Standard boxes come with 20, 40, 80 or 150 items, but you can let us know if you’d like different amounts and also which items you would like, and how many of each. Prices start from £4 per item for boxes of 20 various items, going down for higher volumes


Items can be delivered in a ‘Lucky Dip’ type box with shredded paper so people can help themselves when they need ‘a bit of wellbeing’, or can come in bulk so that you can distribute as you like.

You can purchase with a card using the pictures above - if you would prefer to be invoiced, please contact us with details on

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