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Small habit changes to achieve your goals

Helping your staff build 'soft' skills plays a vital role in both individual and school performance. Often referred to as ‘essential skills’ they are accessible to all, and everyone can develop and improve them.

Soft skills encompass transferable abilities that individuals can develop to excel in their professional development.  These skills are vital in the school environment, and are necessary at every level of the workplace, from entry-level roles to the senior leadership team.

Developing and achieving goals is an important soft skill for school staff. This new approach focuses on aggregating lots of very small changes that are relatively easy and straightforward to implement, but which build to substantial success.

There are seven basics to master with changing small habits to achieve lasting goals:

1.    Understanding why 'all or nothing' does not work
2.    Addressing systems not goals
3.    Understanding habits - why they are built and how they work
4.    How long it takes to build a new habit
5.    The 8 principles for building effective habits: - Make it easy, Link them, 

       Add on, Make it attractive, Make it satisfying, Make it obvious, Keep doing it, 
       Missing a habit isn’t a failure
6.    The principles for breaking bad habits
7.    How to put it into practice - Identifying the ultimate goal, Identifying the

       ‘person’ who does this, Breaking the goal into sections , Identifying the tiny

       habits in each section, Starting & tracking

The course is £99 for the whole school. The sessions are held on our training portal so can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. 

The training takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete and can be done in one go or a series of shorter chunks. As many people as you like from school can access the training, whenever they choose. It comes with video presentations and notes and there are a series of mini tasks to consider as you go through the course. There is a certificate issued on completion of a short assignment.. 

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