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Developing & implementing a school wellbeing strategy

Now more than ever, wellbeing needs to be a priority in schools.

Even at pre COVID figures show more than 2 million sick days were recorded by UK teachers with 54.5% of teachers taking some sickness absence. 56.5% of staff had one or more work-related stress factor. For pupils 22 million sick days were taken.

Making wellbeing a priority in schools leads to lower absence, lower stress, improved morale and healthier, more inclusive staff and pupils.  It is the key to making your school healthy, happy and motivated by showing everyone that you are a school that cares and supports. Staff and pupils feel valued, and a positive culture is created.


The aim of this course is to help understand the wellbeing needs in your school and put into place an appropriate strategy. This could be a strategy just for staff, or for staff and pupils alike.



WHY schools need a wellbeing strategy

WHAT is wellbeing? The 5 pillars of wellbeing. Duty of care / laws relating to wellbeing

Understanding the NEEDS of your people

Defining the GOALS of your wellbeing strategy

Developing and shaping the strategy – lots of ideas included!

PHYSICAL wellbeing strategy – Standing, Moving, Breaks, Screen breaks, Healthy working environment, Classes, Challenges, Nutrition, Sleep, Gym links

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL wellbeing strategy – Normalising mental health, Work/life balance, Personal skills, Managing emotions - group & one to one meetings, peer networks, Relaxation techniques, Quiet spaces, Creativity sessions, Positivity

SOCIAL wellbeing strategy – Creating a sense of belonging – contests, inclusive spaces, networks, buddy systems, Diversity & Inclusion – diversity calendar, holy days, diversity flowers, snapshot board, Social events – anniversaries, peer recognition, team building.

FINANCIAL wellbeing strategy – Staff - inset, leaflets/advise, Pupil – PP & FSM, access to mental health, nutrition, uniform, purchases, trips, financial education.

CAREER wellbeing strategy – Goals, CPD, Recognition, Positives

General strategy – Wellbeing calendar, Rewards, Challenges

STAFFING - Senior leadership, Line Manager, Wellbeing Champions and Mental Health First Aiders

WRITE your strategy - Example of a starting point

LAUNCH your strategy! Telling people about it – Branding – name, logo, colours, Where/How to display

Ongoing ASSESSMENT & update – Check against goals, Mood polls, Feedback forms, What can interfere with success?

How does the training work?

The training courses are held on our online platform, so you can access them anytime and from anywhere. Each staff member has an individual login, so we know where each person has got up to, and restart at the correct point each time. The sessions have notes to download and video presentations.


This course costs £99 per school for as many staff as you like and is also included in our 12 months Unlimited Online Training package

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