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Exporting to Excel

Merging with Mailmerge

Prior Year transactions




Exporting to Excel


All of the information in Private Funds Manager can be exported to Excel for manipulation, graphing etc.


Simply run the report you are interested in and click on the button at the bottom left of the screen - Excel Spreadsheet.




Merging with Mailmerge


Go to Screen Enquiries - Letters Export

This option is used to extract selected information that can then be merged into standard letters or labels in Microsoft Word or some other word processor.

PFM simply creates the data file that you then utilise in the standard letter or label.



Exporting for Accounts with Individual Student Details


Go to Screen Enquiries & Reports – Letters Export


First of all, select  the short code account of interest from the pull down list. The full name should appear.

Look at the boxes below and click the box to tick it, for any item of data you would like to export,  eg Student :  Name, Address, Postcode,  Registration Group, Contribution, Amount Paid.

Now click on the Export button in the bottom right of the screen - and specify a name for the file you wish to export to, and make sure you select an appropriate folder at the top of the screen- make a note of this folder.

The file that will be created is actually saved as a .TXT format file.  This can then be located and utilised as required. 


Using File To Mailmerge A Letter To All Students Associated With An Account Using Microsoft Word:


The exact way this works will depend on which version of Word you are using.


 Open a blank document in Word


 TOOLS – MAILMERGE   (or Mailings – Start Mailmerge  - Step by Step -  in Vista)


 Click on CREATE and choose Form Letter  - in Active Window  (Choose Letter in Vista & Next)


 Click on Get Data - Change file type to All Files & go to directory you saved the file above in and select the file you created by its name – don’t forget it will be a .TXT file.


 Now set up the letter by typing the test you wish to appear, and using INSERT MERGE FIELD where you want the name, address etc to appear on the letter.  


 Now go back to Tools - Mailmerge and click on MERGE - MERGE and a new document will be created with a letter for each student.


 If you want to show how much a student is owing, PFM can only export Contrinbution (amount due) and Amount Paid.  So you will need to open the TXT file in Excel first, and enter a new column that subtracts the amount paid from the amount owing.

 If you wish to ignore people who have paid in full, you can remove these people whilst in Excel.




Prior year transactions



If you want to look at all transactions against an account, even if they relate to a previous financial year :


Screen Enquiries - Reports By Account

Select account of interest from Short Code pull down.

Change the FROM date at the top of the screen to go back as far as you wish



This will show a full list of all transactions related to this account for the entire date range selected.


If you require further or different detail to this, you will need to View the prior year backup.


Go to Period End - Archives- Restore from Backup

Select the Year End archive from the pull down list


Prior year
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