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Wellbeing sessions for school staff

Staff wellbeing is crucial to a schools success. Research shows that the way staff feel on a daily basis is likely to affect their performance and, for teachers, the performance of their pupils.


Happier staff are more confident, concentrate better and are more motivated.


Heavy workloads and burnout are significant ongoing issues in schools, but there are things that school leaders can do to help.

Our wellbeing sessions introduce a range of tools and techniques that can help improve wellbeing.  

  • An introduction to wellbeing

  • The impact of low mood and stress and how to recognise them in yourself and others

  • Practising Mindfulness

  • Breath Work / Breathing exercises

  • Guided imagery

  • Tai chi & Yoga

  • Positive Affirmations / Mantras

  • Meditation

  • Other relaxation techniques

  • Talking as therapy

  • Purpose, fulfilment & control

  • Visualisation & vision boards

  • Practising gratitude

Every topic is practical - so after a short introduction, you try out the tools for yourself. If part of a LIVE sessions, there is usually a discussion after each topic (in small groups for a large number of attendees, or all together for smaller groups) to come up with practical ideas for introducing this tools into your school routine.


Book an onsite wellbeing inset session - £425 for half day, £595 for full day (all inclusive)

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