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Bitesize Training Courses Word, Excel, School Finance & GDPR for Schools


Bitesize courses – these courses are designed to provide a series of short, snappy sessions that build up to a full knowledge of the topic.   They are delivered online, so can be accessed at any time, anywhere and anyone in your school can be involved.

All courses except GDPR have 10 x 20 minute sessions with a 5 minute assignment for each.  GDPR has 5 x 10 minute sessions for general school staff and 5 additional 10 minute sessions for those responsible for school compliance.


The courses takes you through from a beginner to a fully competent user although you can start at the very beginning or jump in at the point that suits you best.  You can stop at any point – submit your assignment and receive a certificate at the appropriate level.

Each session has notes to download, a video presentation for you to follow and replicate and a short assignment at the end to make sure you are happy with that topic.


Each whole course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can use the course for this price.   All 4 can be purchased for £299 per school.

Excel Topic List

Word Topic List

School Finance Topic List

GDPR Topic List


Beginner Level

Session 1 – Create a spreadsheet, what’s on screen, insert & edit text and numbers, simple calculations, printing.

Session 2 – Basic formatting or numbers and text, moving & copying, simple formulae

Basic User Level

Session 3 – Text & number formatting, Borders & Shading, Headings, Freeze panes

Session 4 – More formulae – IF, SUMIF etc

Session 5 – Charts

Regular User Level

Session 6 – Filters, Sorting, Subtotals & Pivot tables

Session 7 – Conditional formatting, data validation

Session 8 – Absolute & relative cell references, BODMAS

Session 9 – Multitab & multisheet calculations, Protection, Advanced printing

Session 10 – Macros & Toolbars


Beginner Level

Session 1 – Create a word document, what’s on screen, enter and edit text, move & copy, save

Session 2 – Format text, spell check and printing

Basic User Level

Session 3 – Margins & tabs, Orientation, Columns

Session 4 – Inserting objects – pictures, shapes and text boxes

Regular User Level

Session 5 – Headers & footers, Autotext & autocorrect

Session 6 – Inserting tables & charts, symbols & equations

Session 7 – Collaborative working – comments & track changes

Session 8 – Templates, Clipboards & translation

Session  9 – Mailmerge

Session 10 – Macros & Toolbars


Session 1 – How schools are funded and what they spend their funding on. The accounting process in schools

Session 2 – Double entry bookkeeping

Session 3 – Appropriate Use of Funds and Value for Money

Session 4 – Separation of duties & Authorisation

Session 5 – Record keeping, traceability of records, external audit

Session 6 – Capital items/ fixed asset – what they are, treatment, depreciation

Session 7 – Financial reports – understanding and producing – Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows

Session 8 – Management reports – understanding and using budgets

Session 9 – Period End procedures

Session 10 – Housekeeping, & Internal audit.


Session 1 – Intro to GDPR & Personal data. GDPR requirements for schools & Privacy by design

Session 2 – The Lawful basis for holding personal data in schools.   Consent considerations.

Session 3 – Basic Security

Session 4 – What to do in a breach  & Subject Access Requests.

Session 5 – Special considerations for schools

Session 6 – Privacy Notices

Session 7 – Data Retention

Session 8 – The role of the DPO – do you need one?

Session 9 – Subject rights

Session 10 – Steps for compliance


To purchase the INDIVIDUAL bitesize courses to do at your own time, with downloadable notes, video presentations and assignments, please complete the form below.

OR - click here to order ALL the courses in our Unlimited Online Training Package for £299 per school.

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