Excel For Beginners

There are so many things in schools that a spreadsheet would be useful for! Finances, exam results, pupil information, lettings, inventories… the list is endless! We need staff with a good understanding of Excel so they can really use it to make life quicker and easier, and perhaps even more accurate.


Many staff inherit spreadsheets without really knowing how they were setup or how to edit them, so this course takes the new or basic user through the steps required to really understand spreadsheets.


This course starts with the basics of creating well-presented spreadsheets incorporating formulae and functions.


We then move on to additional elements of presentation such as borders & shading, headings etc., as well as creating and using charts,


The more advanced sessions include really useful aspects to improve functionality and productivity.


The delegate will end the training with a really comprehensive understanding of Excel.


Session 1

Insert & edit text and numbers

Amending spreadsheet layout

Simple calculations

Text formatting

Save / open / Print

Session 2

Number formatting

Moving and copying, Smart drag handle


Table formatting

Session 3

Sort & subtotal


Multitab & Multisheet calculations




The course is delivered live, OR in pre-recorded format, over the internet with a video presentation, accompanying notes and worksheets. It consists of 3 x 1 hour teaching sessions with practical assignments at the end of each. A certificate is awarded on completion of assignments.


The 3-session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can attend from each school for this price.  (It is included FOC with the £299 per school annual training package)

LIVE course starts 28th January 2020 click here to join.


Complete the following form to do the course on your own dates/times using downloadable notes, video recordings and sessions assignments.


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