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Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a powerful chat-based work-space that allows users to chat, share files and collaborate together.


MS Teams is particularly good for communicating with other people – and it's good for many types of communication. Send an instant message to one person, start a group meeting with a dozen people, or broadcast your screen to dozens of individuals at once.


You can of course connect up with pupils, to deliver teaching sessions, share documents, point them to web sites, use the whiteboard and so on.


MS Teams makes it easier to connect with and collaborate when you are out of the usual communication channels. So out of school is the obvious time to get to grips with this program.



Signing up for MS Teams
Creating teams
Inviting people to teams
Creating channels - best practice
Picking teams
Starting conversations / replying / @mentioning
Sharing files
Adding tabs in channels
Working with files
Meetings - meet now, and in advance
Assigning roles in meetings, yes/no to video
Sharing your screen in a meeting
Using the Whiteboard
Video / audio calls
Recording calls and meetings and sharing recordings
Adding apps
Profile settings

This course can be purchased as a one-off for £99, but is also included FREE OF CHARGE with our unlimited training package.


To purchase the Microsoft Teams course to do at your own time, with downloadable notes, video presentations and assignments, please complete the form below.

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