Teaching first aid to secondaryschool pupils

The government has announced that from September 2020 compulsory Health Education must include basic first aid in secondary schools. This has been specified as including: • basic treatment for common injuries. • life-saving skills, including how to administer CPR • the purpose of defibrillators and when one might be needed.


Training pupils in first aid skills can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved, both in and out of school.  


Fewer than one in 10 people have been trained in first aid, with many lives lost each year due to a lack of basic life-saving skills, according to St John’s Ambulance.


It not only gives pupils the ability to save a life, it also boosts confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.


A recent survey found that 94% of teachers believe first aid training in school would help young people be more responsible, and 73% of school children wanted to know how to give first aid.


Who is it for?


This course is designed to enable teachers or other staff members to train pupils in basic first aid.  You do not have to be a first aider yourself to deliver this training to the pupils.

Format of training

The course comes in a series of individual modules that stand alone.  They have core content that usually lasts around 15-20 minutes. There is then additional, optional content for each module. 


Each module could be incorporated into an assembly, or tutor time, or could be part or all of a lesson, or part of a First Aid Club session.  Alternatively, a whole ‘First Aid Day’ could be allocated where all the modules are covered.

For each module you get an Overview – introduction to the first aid needed for the module and comments on teaching this topic; Lesson Plan – sections and timings plus resources needed for each and areas for assessment, notes and curriculum links; Teaching notes – each of the slides with comments on each; PowerPoint presentation; Video related to this module – usually presented by / containing primary school children; Quiz; Word search ; Handout  & homework. We also provide a record card, completion certificate and fold up first aid pocket guide.

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The modules included are :

Staying safe & coping with an emergency

Communicating  with casualty & 999

The Primary Survey (DRABC)

Unresponsive and breathing

Unresponsive not breathing/CPR

Using  a Defib

Allergic reactions


Bites & Stings


Bones, muscles & joint injuries

Burns & scalds


Electric shock


First aid kit

Head injuries


Low blood sugar

Poisons & drugs



Spinal injury


This training costs £125 per school. This gives all the training, PowerPoints, videos, certificates, pocket guides and all other materials in electronic form so you can print and use it for as many staff and pupils as you like. 


Alternatively, you can purchase a printed version with all the details in a folder, the PowerPoints on CD (and on a web link) and your first 35 student packs printed (progress cards, certificates etc) for £225. Additional sets of 35 student packs and teacher guides can be purchased for £25 a set or you can just print your own.

If you would prefer a fully qualified external trainer to come to your school and deliver the training – either directly to the pupils or to staff, including bringing a resuscitation dummy, we can offer this at £450 for a full day  for schools in Dorset/Hants/Wilts area.  We can alternatively hire you a resuscitation dummy for £50 +postage.

Who are we?

Istek UK has been providing training and consultancy to schools since the late 1980s – our staff have actually worked in schools and continue to do so in a consultancy role.  We have teamed up with qualified NUCO first aid trainers – specialists in First Aid training for this course.





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