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Excel Latest features


Over the past few years, Microsoft has released so many updates to Excel.  The Windows, Mac, web, and mobile versions of Excel all received great new updates that help us get our jobs done faster and more easily.

But it’s hard to make time to find out what’s new in busy schools, and so we often end up using Excel, and our programs, in the way we’ve always done it, missing out on really useful updates


The aim of this course is to run through some of the recent additions that we feel can be particularly useful in schools.


Topic covered:


- Fullscreen mode / Ribbon display options to see more data on your screen  - Quick Access Toolbar location   - SHIFT and drag to move and insert data easily    - Adding bullets   - Creating your own menu tab for your often used tools   - Useful keyboard shortcuts & how to make your own


HOME menu

- CELLS pane – Insert, delete and format cells & sheets   - CLIPBOARD – using multiple clipboards and clearing clipboards


- Insert SCREEN SHOTS and partial screens with screen clipping   - Add SPARKLINES – mini overview graphs – line, column, win/loss   - Insert ADD INS – Data to pics for visual infographics, Visio for flow charts, diagrams etc    - SLICER & TIMELINE – for quick, visual filtering.



- SCALE TO FIT PANE for easy management of print layout    - SHEET options


- NAMES MANAGER pane to make formulae more intuitive & for navigation  - XLOOKUP to search/look up information from large lists.


DATA menu

- Wolfram Data: inserting automatic live data for foods, activities, animals, cities, people, structures etc   - Converting text to columns: splitting data automatically eg addresses, class and form etc   - Advanced Filter: Criteria, AND and OR, wildcards   - Flashfill / CTRL E feature:  to extract information eg names, emails, to split or combine, clean data, capitalise, remove spaces etc   - Consolidate:  joining ranges   - Groups & outline data – to see summary information with drill down for details.


- WORKBOOK STATS for details on cells with data, number of formulae etc  - Accessibility review – check content is appropriate for people with accessibility issues.

VIEW menu

- SHEET VIEW pane: customise view without affecting sharers    - Custom views: save settings eg column width, print option etc., so you don’t have to change every time   - Zoom to selection   - Hide options

The whole multi-session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can use the course for this price.   (Included FOC in Unlimited Training package for £299)

Complete the following form to do the course on your own dates/times using downloadable notes, video recordings and sessions assignments. This course IS included FOC with the Unlimited Training Package.

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