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GDPR training for schools & school staff


What schools and school staff really need to know


The General Data Protection Regulation came into force on 28th May 2018, and there is a LOT of media coverage about what needs to be done to be compliant.  For most schools, who have operated under the Data Protection Act since 1998, it is NOT a whole new concept, just a development and extension of what you already do.

The aim of this 2-part training is to highlight what’s different in a factual, non-alarmist way, and ensure that everyone in school knows what they should be doing. Part 1 is for all staff who handle any data – so finance, admin, teachers, canteen staff etc., and part 2 is for senior management, leadership & governors and whoever is responsible for data protection.

Both parts last about 45 mins and are accessed online - so you log into our webpage and run the training whenever suits you. As many people as you like from school can access the training, whenever suits each person best. It comes with notes and a copy of the PowerPoint slides.

Session 1 – What staff need to know

·         Introduction to GDPR & terminology

·         What is personal data?

-   Personal data of children

-   Special categories

·         Data protection by design & Privacy

·         Lawful basis for data processing

·         Seeking & managing consent

·         Security procedures for staff

·         Detecting & reporting breaches

·         Subject Access Requests

·         Special considerations in schools -   Photos, Website & Cookies,
          Biometrics, Exam results, CCTV

Session 2 – What schools need to know

·         Privacy notices – creating and communicating

·         Data Retention

·         Subject Rights

·         Security procedures for school including Cloud Computing

·         Data Protection Impact Assessments

          Role of the DPO

·         Steps to take now to ensure compliance

·         Teaching data protection to pupils


The 2-session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can attend from each school for this price. 

To order this training course to complete at your own date/time using downloadable notes & video recordings, please complete the form below

This course costs £99 and is included in the Unlimited Training Package.

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