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Mental Health First Aider Training for Schools

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Mental health has never been more important in schools.

There are huge worries about the school community, colleagues, pupils & parents as well as personal concerns for family and friends. It’s important to acknowledge that it has been, and continues to be, incredibly tough and to make sure that we look after ourselves and others.


Mental ill health costs UK employers £34.9 billion each year, the equivalent of £1,300 for every employee in the UK workforce.


It affects pupils as well as the adults working in schools. The rates of mental health problems increase as children get older. Almost two in 10 students aged 11 to 16 has an identifiable mental health condition – which rises to one in five among 17 to 22 year olds.

A Mental Health First Aider in the school is the go-to person for anyone who is going through some form of mental health issue. The first aider will be able to help guide the person in distress to the help that they need. They will also have the relevant knowledge to be able to spot someone who is developing a mental health issue. They will, therefore, be able to intervene before it escalates.

The aim of this course is to help delegates:

  • Identify the symptoms of mental health issues

  • Offer initial help and guide a person towards the most appropriate support

  • Stop issues arising before they become a crisis

  • Minimise the impact of mental ill health on work and life

  • Proactively manage wellbeing in the workplace


You do not need any qualifications or prior experience for this role, but you do need to be compassionate, empathetic and accepting with an ability to listen, support and help.


As well as full training and a supporting mental health first aid guide, you will receive an electronic resource pack with information sheets & posters for a range of mental health issues.


You will end the course with an action plan for introducing a MHFA program into your school.


There are optional modules that look at the specifics of mental health for children and the safeguarding issues associated with providing mental health first aid to pupils.


There will be short assessments through the course, and on completion you will receive a certificate in Mental Health First Aid.


What is mental health, mental ill-health & mental illness

Why mental health is important in schools for adults and students

Why mental health first aid

Legislation covering mental illness, stigma and discrimination

The role of the mental health first aider – key principles

Skills and application of mental health first aider role – ALGEE (approach/assess, listen, give support and information, encourage self help & other support, encourage professional help)

Mental health of children & Safeguarding issues

First aider self-care, peer support and supervision

Mental health conditions:       

Low Mood & Depression & Bipolar Disorder – symptoms, first aid, suicidal crisis

Stress & anxiety – symptoms, first aid

Substance Abuse - Drug & alcohol – symptoms, first aid

Eating disorders - symptoms, first aid

Self harm - symptoms, first aid

Personality disorders – symptoms, first aid

MHFA Action Plan – setting up and operating a system

Building a mentally well school environment

How does the training work?

The training courses are held on our online platform, so you can access them anytime and from anywhere. Each staff member has an individual login, so we know where each person has got up to, and restart at the correct point each time. The sessions have notes to download and a video presentation – you can watch it, pause and try out the functions as you go. There is then an assessment for the topics covered.


You can purchase this course for £99 per school.  Or, ALL of these courses can be purchased for ALL STAFF for £299 per annum with our 12 months Unlimited Package. Sessions can be accessed from school or home, at any time and day.


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