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Budgeting for Schools


Budgeting is a key process in schools, which often requires considerable review and refinement, and the interaction of department heads and senior management to create a cohesive and comprehensive budget.


This training course specifically for schools provides participants with the techniques and confidence to create, manage and control budgets effectively.


It explains financial terms and budgeting tools in a clear way and helps you understand how to go about preparing a budget, including what information you’ll need before you start and how to review your numbers for reasonableness.  You’ll learn how to manage month-end issues, how to use typical monthly reports and how to manage the review process.


The course is delivered live, or in pre-recorded format, over the internet with a video presentation, accompanying notes and worksheets. It consists of 2 x 1 hour teaching sessions with practical assignments at the end of each. A certificate is awarded on completion of both assignments..


The 2-session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can attend from each school for this price.  (It is included FOC with the £299 per school annual training package)


Budget setting and budgeting techniques

* Basics of budgeting, budgeting v forecasting

* 4 main types of budgets / budgeting methods & Levels of involvement with budgets  * Budget phasing   * Cash, revenue & capital budgets

* Delegated Funding, Devolved Funding & Capital Funding

* Other income streams   * Creating a budget calendar

Expenditure items outside staffing structures

* Supplies & services, Value for Money strategies  * Inflationary factors

Staffing & payroll

* Pay scales & contracts  * Running staffing reports

Making the budget work for your School Improvement Plan

How to prepare your budget

* Structure & starting point   * Considering Risk  * Average, Regression analysis, Extrapolation

How to review your budget

* Comparing actuals to budget    * How to tell if you are on track * Explaining variances * When to panic

* Other school staff & their budgets

Presenting the information - Reporting

* Month-end issues, accounting adjustments to be aware of
* Governors reports, month, year to date and full year  * LA and EFA reporting    * Previous year and current year comparison

Using Spreadsheets for budgeting

To purchase the School Budgeting course to do at your own time, with downloadable notes, video presentations and assignments, please complete the form below.

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