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Mindfulness in the classroom - training plus resource pack

One in six school-aged children in the UK has a mental health problem. Children are becoming increasingly more stressed. They’re not alone - according to research, most teachers experience job stress at least two to four times a day, with more than 75% of teachers’ health problems attributed to stress.

Introducing mindfulness into the classroom has been found to have real benefits including increased focus, attention, self-control, classroom participation and compassion; improved academic performance, ability to resolve conflict and overall well-being; and decreased levels of stress, depression, anxiety and disruptive behaviour.


This training session and resource pack aims to help teachers integrate mindfulness into a school’s culture. You can run through the training session online, or just jump in and use the resource pack that comes in printed and electronic format.  It has different exercises suitable for primary & secondary pupils.

Session 1 - Introduction

  • Introduction to mindfulness

  • How mindfulness helps teaching

  • How mindfulness helps learning

  • The research.   


Session 2 – The Basic Mindfulness Techniques

  • Body awareness – theory & exercises

  • Breathing – theory and exercises

  • Chattering mind & overthinking– theory and exercises

Session 3 - Mindfulness for worry, stress and big emotions.

  • Theory.

  • How mindfulness helps.  

  • Breathing –exercises

  • Grounding –  theory and exercises

  • Visualisation – theory and exercises

  • The Mindful Pause  – theory and exercises


Session 4 - Mindfulness for positivity.

  • Theory. 

  • Gratitude- theory and exercises.

  • Positive affirmations.

  • Positivity challenges  


Session 5 - Mindfulness for kindness.

  • Theory.

  • Self compassion & self care.

  • Listening skills.

  • Developing empathy 


Session 6 - Mindful lifestyle choices.

  • Mindful movement

  • Mindful eating

  • Avoiding Judgement

  • Social Media

  • Getting in touch with nature


Session 7 - Creating a mindful classroom 

  • Mindful Music

  • Posters & Picture

  • Create a mindful area

  • Mindful moments

  • Kickstart with a Mindful Month


This course is designed for all teaching staff and any staff that spend time with pupils. The sessions are delivered over the internet and each session has a video presentation with accompanying notes. ALL the exercises are included in an electronic AND printed resource pack.  There is a short assignment at the end of the training, and a certificate will be issued to each person on completion.


The 7-session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can attend from each school for this price. Or you can purchase this course PLUS our ‘Mental Wellbeing through Resilience for Pupils’ course for £150.

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