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PFM for academies


PFM provides a cost effective and easy way for your school to manage your school trips, clubs , gift aid, revision guides, purchases and events.  It produces all the information the organizers needs and all the finance information your finance team requires.


PFM Academy enables academies to manage the detail of individual pupil transactions. For example with trips,  we know who is going, who owes how much, missing consent forms etc and whether trips end with a credit or debit balance. For clubs we know attendance, payments, debtors, and for all pupil based accounts we know who has and has not contributed.  Academy accounting system do not provide this detail at the pupil level. PFM then provides summary information that can be transferred into your central accounting system for reporting and general financial management.

PFM Academy has all the features of the standard PFM software, but has the additional of VAT processing and has additional reports that provide the summary information for your centralised accounts.


How can the PFM Academy help your school ?

Saves time

PFM reduces input time, as well as the time spent monitoring accounts, trips, payments made and owing. No more manual receipts, trip cards or chase up letters.

Manages trips & visits

See who is going, record consent forms, provide details on contact numbers, allergies etc. See who has paid what & when & who hasn't paid. Provide trip lists,  medical information etc

Club attendance module

Set up clubs & chargeable sessions- hourly or session cost, invoice in advance or bill from attendance, print attendance register for club manager, (incl medical details), record payments received, print attendance record for parents,see non payers

Pupil premium

Synchronise with Sims to import student information, set up accounts for different elements of pupil premium - trips, cover etc, Log when PP is spent which updates the pupil account for trips etc, Simple reports for overall spend,individual account & pupil

Problems and queries

 Istek provides excellent, timely support, either by phone, email or remote access. Friendly, knowledgeable staff who have worked in schools are here to resolve issues quickly.

Reduces administation

No need for spreadsheets or manual checklists. Chasing up outstanding forms and payments is easy, lists and reports produced at the touch of a button, bank accounts reconciled with ease and financial accounts automatically produced.

Online payments

Inbuilt link with online banking systems and/or easy link with existing online payment solutions such as Parentmail or Parentpay - instant download of online payments saves time and reduces cash in school, whilst maintaining the flexibility for students to pay by cash or cheque.


Gift aid and charity reports

Record donor information and payments received on which gift aid can be reclaimed, produce all reports for HMRC including latest R68GAD.  Automatically produce Charity Commission reports.

Manage sales to pupils

Manage billing and money received for sales to pupils, such as Prom, Hoodies, calculators, laptops, lockers, music lessons , revision guides and bus passes.

Updates and training

PFM his regularly updated and ongoing online training provided using Webex meeting room software. Onsite training also available. Please see Training section for details.

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