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PFM & GDPR training


The aim of this training is to ensure schools have achieved GDPR compliance with regards to the Private Funds Manager system.  To do so, requires the school to have put in place procedures that ensure the 8 requirements of GDPR are fulfilled.


The course comes with a simple Word document of how your PFM adheres to GDPR, for you to completed as necessary for your school.


This lists the data held in PFM, and then has sections for the following:

1.       Data is fairly and lawfully processed and is only used for what would be expected of it

Discussion of the Article 6 Clauses detailing the lawful basis options and how they apply to PFM.


2.       Data is processed for limited purposes with clear reasons


3.       Data is adequate, relevant and not excessive

If you are not using some of the data automatically imported, what you should do, how to delete data, amend the SIMS report etc


4.       Data is accurate and kept up to date

Ensuring pupil & parent information is up to date, SIMS link / other MIS system link


5.       Not kept longer than necessary

The importance of deleting students who have left, How & when to do so, GDPR Article 17 – right to be forgotten, Archives


6.       In line with subject rights

Providing copies of personal data as required by Article 13 of GDPR, How to deal with the right to access and to be informed, managing the right to rectification and erasure, Data portability & the right not to be subject to automated decisions


7.       Data is secure – not just with you, but with others who use the data

User names and passwords, taking local and offsite backups, Sending data / sharing data. Printed records, Cloud computing, Breaches


8.       Is not transferred to other countries without protection

How to access the training

When you order the training, you will receive a link to the online training page – each person in your school registers separately, and gains access to the training - resuming each time you revisit the site to the appropriate point for each.  There’s no time limit on the training.

To order this course  please complete the form below

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