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Skills Packs for School Staff

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These packs are aimed at school staff who want to improve their skills. 


Each session has a 1-hour video presentation with accompanying notes to print, plus an assignment to complete at the end.

Most sessions have tasks to try as you work through, so realistically to complete all the tasks and the assignments it can be closer to 1.5-2 hours.  On completion of the quiz with an acceptable pass mark, a certificate can then be printed.

The courses are held on the internet, on our online training platform, so can be accessed at any day/time by any of your staff with an internet connection. There is no limit on numbers, as long as each person is a member of your staff.

Each pack costs £160 per school and multiple staff can attend from each school for this price.  You can purchase both packs for £299 

(If you already have the Unlimited computer training package, Pack 1 can be accessed FOC, Pack 2 for £125)



Istek UK Ltd have been working with schools and their finance and admin systems since the late1980s. Our trainers have actually worked in schools and continue to have a hands-on involvement, providing support, consultancy & training. All courses are tailored to school requirements and school staff.

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