Private Funds Manager for Nurseries


Click here for 25 minute demo of PFM for Nurseries


Private Funds Manager can be used by Nurseries to set up sessions, register bookings, produce registers,

record actual attendance, generate invoices and credit notes, produce chase up lists, letters & emails and

to produce financial reports for all or individual session types.


Childrens names can be imported from Sims (or similiar) or from existing spreadsheets (or entered manually) .

Accounts can be setup for one or multiple session types and children linked to the relevant account.

Sessions can be set up with a whole session charge or an hourly charge, and each child can have a different

charge for all or some sessions (eg first 15 hours can be set to no charge, with additional hours chargeable)


For bookings in advanced, schedules can be setup and replciated for a chosen date range.  

Invoices can be generated. and credit notes can also be generated if changes are made to the schedule.


Payments received from parents can be recorded as either cash, cheque, childcare voucher,

direct bank transfer or internet payment.


Lists of Debtors can br produced, and letters or emails sent with attendance report and

payments received list.


'Normal' financial accounts can be produced, by reconciling bank statements and printing

Income & Expenditure report & Balance Sheet, Account Statement etc.