Universal Infant Free School Meals

The Government has announced that, from September 2014, every child in reception, year 1 and year 2, in state-funded schools, will be offered a free school lunch. An amendment to the Children and Families Bill, will place a legal duty on primary schools to offer this and the legislation will also include a power to extend the policy to additional year groups in future. 


The existing entitlements to free school meals for disadvantaged pupils in nursery classes and at key stages 2-4 will continue as now. The government has also suggested that this is likely to lead to greater take-up of school meals in other year groups too.  Schools will be paid a flat rate of £2.30 per meal taken, based on actual take-up by newly eligible infant pupils.


Many schools are considering the best way to manage this meal provision both for those entitled to the free meal and other children who take up the meal option.  One great option is the Private Funds Manager software.


Here's what it can do -


  •  Set up schedule for those who have registered / booked to have a meal on which day, but with option to change for non attendance(Or confirm each day who is having a meal if not booked in advance)


  •  Provide a daily register of children for lunch by class, year or all.  This can be accessed on a tablet or laptop by the teacher or in the form of a printed list or spreadsheet


  • Generate a summary report showing how many free school meal have been taken and how much is currently due to the school


  • Provide a detailed report showing exactly who had a meal each day, for selected date range


  • Enter money received from government to cover free meals


  • Enter payments made for provision of lunches - salaries, food, utilities etc


  • Generate summary report showing costs versus income for free school meals