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PFM offers a lot of functions and facilities, but sometimes schools find they are just using the basics – the straightforward functions that allow them to enter money in and out, do bank rec and produce basic reports. Often time prevents us from looking in a little more depth to see what else the program can do or if there are quicker or easier ways of doing things


The aim of this 2-session training is to introduce all these extra features, functions and quicker ways of working.  The first session is perfect for all users as it’s all about using the more in-depth features, timesaving and useful extra options. The second session looks at the built-in extra modules in PFM such as BACS, After school clubs,  Invoicing, The Report Writer and accepting direct payments from parents straight into your bank account.


You can attend both sessions or just one and as many people as you like can attend from your school for the price. The 2-session cost is £65 or £49 for just one of the two.   Schools with the 12 month unlimited training package and those with the PFM Training Vault can attend these sessions FOC.


Session 1

  • Setting up Multiple users with different logins and access levels. 

  • Setting up cost centres for grouping short codes.  

  • Bank reconciliation tips. Using transfers & journals correctly.

  • Managing petty cash and any unbanked cash received.

  • Proper treatment of bounced cheques from parents, refunds and cheques written by you but returned.

  • Writing off old cheques that were not presented. 

  • Looking up previous paying ins.

  • Permission slips. 

  • Changing the cost of trips/other short codes.  

  • Dealing with childcare vouchers & pupil premium.  

  • Writing emails and letters from PFM.  

  • Some GREAT reports you might not already have. 

  • Safety nets and other backups.


Session 2

  • Creating your own reports with the Report Writer. 

  • Accepting internet payments from parents directly into your bank account with automatic processing by PFM. 

  • Paying by BACS from PFM.

  • Generating Invoices from PFM.

  • Managing after school clubs.


There’s going to be a LOT to fit into these two 1 hour sessions, so both will be recorded live so you can play them back – and go through more slowly – after the live sessions.  You may prefer not to attend the live sessions at all, and that’s fine too. There will also be really COMPREHENSIVE notes on everything for you to follow it through.


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