Course overviews

Basic Microsoft Word - course contents

Create & edit documents

Save, close, folders and opening 

Copy & move



Spellcheck & grammar

Inserting pictures and shapes


Printing options

Do more with Microsoft Word - course content

Mailmerge - letters, envelopes etc.   Selective mailmerge

Templates - using & creating your own

Table of contents & Indexes

Translation, thesaurus, comments

Headers & Footers

Manipulating non text objects

Basic Microsoft Excel - course contents

Create & edit spreadsheets

Save, close, folders and opening


In built functions

Copy, move & paste

The Smart Drag Handle

Formatting text and numbers


Printing options

Do more with Microsoft Excel - course contents

Number, date & table formatting

Freezing panes

Data validation

IF and SUMIF and other functions

Filters & sorting

Conditional formatting


Microsoft Outlook - course contents

Email basics - sending, receiving, formatting

Contacts & groups

Calendar basics - appointments & meetings

More on email- attachments & hyperlinks, importance, BCC, recall

Automatic replies 

Inbox rules

To Do list

Microsoft PowerPoint - course contents

Adding slides

Slide design & layout

Adding & formatting text

Adding & formatting shapes and pictures


Slide Shows

Own designs

Printing notes & handouts

Microsoft Publisher - course contents

Creating documents

Page Setup

Layout Guides

Adding pages

Adding & formatting text

Adding text boxes

Linking text boxes for overflow

inserting graphic objects


Windows Skills - course contents

Navigating the Windows interface

Keyboard shortcuts

Using and managing tiles

Using and managing the taskbar

Virtual Desktops

Using & managing apps

Using and managing folders

Managing Storage & Power settings

Customising Windows

Internet Skills - course contents


Using browsers

What you see on a web page and how to use it

Searching - tips & techniques

Bookmarks & favourites

Clearing files & history

Options & settings