Asset Management for Schools

All schools have important assets they need to monitor, maintain and manage, From laptops and books, to desks and chairs, schools have hundreds of items that need to be managed.  Most schools will keep an inventory of some kind but how fit for purpose is yours?  It is not just adding items to a piece of software – asset management needs ongoing input.


Good asset management enables you to keep a handle on everything your school owns and is responsible for. It plays an important role in improving educational operations within confined budgets, optimising usage while cutting down on costs.  

This course is NOT a software-specific session - it is appropriate whatever system you have currently or whatever system you would like to set up.


Introduction to Asset Management
Why schools need a system & why asset management is important
Basics of what information is held in a Fixed Asset Management system



Depreciation – options and calculations

Disposals, losses and revaluation      Insurance

Maintenance & servicing

Scheduled maintenance – reminders, overdue checks, warranties

Maximising lifecycle and minimising costs        
Licences – managing licence compliance

Loans and rentals

Tracking options        Assets off-site

Physical Audits

Manual processes     Barcoding, tags & labels        Mobile scanning

Management use of the Asset Management System

Monitoring asset performance       Improving operational efficiency       Investment decisions


Reports and their uses

Excel v automated systems

Excel       School specific software

Specific department issues

Labs and chemicals – handling, storage, disposal       Textbooks      
Kitchens – equipment and food items       Music & PE items



The course is delivered live, or in pre-recorded format, over the internet with a video presentation, accompanying notes and worksheets. It consists of 2 x 1 hour teaching sessions with practical assignments at the end of each. A certificate is awarded on completion of both assignments.


The 2-session course costs £99 per school and multiple staff can attend from each school for this price.  (It is included FOC with the £299 per school annual training package)

The LIVE training course is 12th & 19th March 2020 at 10.30 am    To book on the LIVE sessions, please click here.

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